Our Paris

15 Jul


I found so much satisfaction in finding blog posts about Paris and what people did while they were there before we arrived. I found posts about romantic walks, best cafes to go to thanks to designlovefest’s map, and found great use in OhHappyDays’ blog, written by Jordan Ferney who really lived like a parisian for a whole year. Being obsessed with drawing maps, I just HAD to do one for Paris, if for nothing else than to show you what we did and where we went.


The day we arrived, we decided to take it easy and enjoy our “splurge” apartment. It had everything we needed for cooking, so our adventure for the day consisted of a visit to the local supermarket and a stroll around the area. A visit to the supermarket proved to be enough of an adventure for the day. Throw in your inability to read anything on labels, a dash of taking a guess based on the label and photos, a pinch of heated discussions and then throw in a splash of the unexpected – things not being where you expect them to be; milk not being refrigerated and looking as though it could pass for washing liquid – and you have a trip to the grocery store in Paris that can last an hour just to get basics. We spent the first night with a meal in the window watching the world go by and enjoyed a bit of rest and relaxation. Just on a side note, Paris has the best butter I’ve ever tasted. Grand Fermage Aux Cristaux de Sel de Mer has actual chunks of salt in it – amazing!



The next day we were determined to see some sights. We wandered and found an amazing cove of tiny galleries filled with the most inspiring art, passed by Notre Dame, took some cheesy tourist photos and gapped it (too many people), strolled across one of the two lock bridges, filled with locks from lovers gone by, had probably our worst language barrier conflict in a bakery, easily solved by a lovely lady who offered to order for us, followed by strawberry and rum Berthillion ice-cream, only found on Île Saint-Louis, and finished our adventures by watching families sailing toy boats on the pond in front of Luxemborg Castle. We finished the day with a visit to Pause Cafe for a burger and some very salty pasta.



Our next exploring day consisted of a visit to the Eiffel Tower, after picking up some goodies from Laduree and Le Boulanger De L’ile Barbe, a tasty bakery with the sweetest staff (recommended by Oh Happy Day – thanks for that one). We spent the afternoon lolling on the grass under the Eiffel Tower, visited the Arch de Triumph for again, more cheesy tourist photos and then headed north to the suburb of Montmartre (Moulin Rouge neighbourhood). We climbed the hill toward Sacré Coeur de Montmartre for THE best view of Paris, and watched the bag snatchers as we clung to our own, and we finished the day with a visit to Refuge de Fondus where they serve wine in baby bottles (as you do) and you eat copious amounts of cheese and bread.





The wine is amazing (a stretch for me who doesn’t drink wine), the cheese is way to much and the vibe is sweet. The place is also tiny and when it gets full, you literally have to step over the tables to get a seat. It’s just generally a bit of fun.


Over the next few days we carried baguettes to gardens like Tuileries and watched the world go by, window shopped, walked through neighbourhoods such as Le Marais, Bastille and Monmartre, avoid the line to the Lourve (literally went for 4km) hoped over to the much shorter line at Musée d’Orsay and fulfilled all my Degas, Van Gough and Lautrec dreams, and enjoyed the good weather.




On our last day we went to Merci for breakfast and I’m really glad we did. The eggs there, which pretty much require you dipping large chunks of bread into them, were amazing, and the coffee was pretty decent, but mostly the environment was worth the trip. The whole place is a store, full of everything from second hand books, clothes and perfume to furniture upstairs. Sadly, we had to go back to the apartment to allow me to do some homework, but the reward was worth it – crepes (which you can get freshly cooked from just behind the tower near the carousel) under the Eiffel Tower as we waited for the sun to set and the tower to light up at 11pm. A perfect way to end our time in Paris.



  • Ngaire

    Wow! Love the photos, by far the best 🙂 Reading your blogs, (particularly about Paris), is giving me a desire to visit it yesterday!
    Continue to enjoy yourselves and stay safe!
    Happy travels 🙂

    • http://www.somuchtosee.com.au somuchtosee

      Hey Ngaire,
      Thanks for reading 🙂 Glad you enjoy our blog.

  • Rex and Jenny Grimshaw

    Wow guys your photos are fantastic loving reading your journey travel safe love from Me xxxx