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Amsterdam – The Truth (from our perspective)

18 Sep


Amsterdam is the strangest mix of old and new, conservative and overtly open minded, clean and dirty. There is no doubt that there are dark sides to the city, and they are more open about these sides than any other city we’ve been to, but it doesn’t seem to affect everyones approach to life here. People just kind of accept it, and get on with life and being in love with their city.

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Amsterdam – Exceeds Expectations

16 Sep


After a horrendous night of no sleep, followed by a 3:30am wake up call, trudging down to the bus station in pitch black, a bus, a plane, a bus, a train, cancelled half way, another crowded train and one more train, we arrived completely dazed, at our sweet garden bungalow, complete with two cats and a few gnomes. The place was comfy, homely and somehow familiar, and our host reminded us of a good friend back home.

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Goodbye Europe

13 Sep


Today we say goodbye to Europe. We’ve spent an amazing 93 days here exploring this incredible and culturally diverse part of the world, and will seriously miss plenty of the things we’ve become accustom to. Here is a sneak peek photo (and probably the photo we are most proud of to date) of Amsterdam – the city that will we both miss the most. Wish us luck as we navigate our way from Düsseldorf in Germany, via Moscow, Russia to New York City!!!!