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A day of Gaudi

24 Jul


On our second day in Barcelona we made the best decision, and rented bikes for the day from Green Bikes¬†(you can see a cute pic of it here). While riding around was sweaty work, we so enjoyed seeing the city by covering ground at a faster pace than we normally would walking. Hiring bikes is a great alternative to buying train tickets, and you see so much more of the city and have the ability to explore. Read more…


22 Jul


Barcelona was hot. You know those days that you really don’t want to do much except sit infront of air conditioning and drink iced water? It was like that! Because of the heat we tried to fill our mornings (10am – 2pm, because according to Spaniards, 2pm is still morning), with sightseeing and our evenings in the water – in fact we spent a lot of time in the water. Read more…

San Sebastian

19 Jul


They say your sense of smell holds strong memories, so as we stepped off the train and out into the main road, a waft of flowers and beach met us, and we knew we’d made the right decision to come here. We arrived in San Sebastian early, and went straight to our room to meet our hosts, who were lovely from the get go. It was quite muggy and warm that day, so we headed straight to the ever busy La Concha beach, which turned out way just 2 minutes walk from our accommodation (we found the best location to stay). We headed back to the house and our hosts took us to lunch in a nearby Basque village.

Read more…

Checking In

13 Jul


We’ve spent the last few days in San Sebastian/Donostia. It has seriously felt like a holiday in a holiday, and to be honest, we didn’t do much, and yet did so much, mostly thanks to our amazing hosts. As a result, there aren’t lots of photos, but we’ll do a post on it soon. We’re off to Barcelona today, but still have so much to tell you about Paris, so we’ll go back to that early next week. Thanks so much for coming here and reading. If there is anything you want us to blog about, let us know and we’ll try to make it happen. If you want to see where we are and where we are headed to next, just head over to our Destinations page – it’s all there.