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In Love with Scotland

6 Jul


We LOVED Scotland. It’s raw hostility and it’s fascinating landscape steeped in history. I won’t even begin to show you how we travelled, especially around the Isle of Skye, mostly because it was back and forth, but one thing I will say, if you are in Scotland, GO TO SKYE! You don’t get much more traditional Scotland than Skye. From Harry Potter scenes to scanning the Loch Ness and swearing you saw something move, Scotland is simply stunning.


Old Town Edinburgh

4 Jul


I’ve always said that Edinburgh is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world, and I’m glad to report that it did not disappoint this time around either – Josh was enthralled with it, and for the first time he said “I wish we had a bit more time here.” The city, particularly Old Town, has a forbidding and ominous vibe to it, complete with burnt buildings that have seen many a thing, including great fires, and the monuments and churches are old and obscure (I’ll explain more in a moment). Sadly, unlike the rest of Scotland, there are a few more tourists, and that makes seeings some parts a little uncomfortable. Either that or we had just been spoilt with too many adventures in castles with no one but us. Read more…

Scotland – Highlands to the Isles

2 Jul


Last time I arrived in Scotland, I was freshly engaged, but without my partner in crime, and although I adored the country, I never thought I’d be lucky enough to come back and explore with fresh eyes. Landing in Edinburgh in the afternoon, we picked up a rental car and headed straight north to the Highlands. Read more…