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Previous Trips – Canada

21 May


I’d already been in Canada for a while when Josh came over – I had decided to visit my friend and spend some time with her before her wedding and despite my luggage having been lost for a week, I had had a pretty great time catching up with extended family and friends. My own family from Australia had even come over for a holiday. Read more…

Previous Trips: Koh Tao, Thailand

16 May


I always describe the Bangkok vibe as that almost unbearable moment when you get to the end of an underground tunnel with the car windows down. In Bangkok, the greatest relief to your lungs comes the moment you plonk yourself in an air-conditioned taxi, so you can imagine that one day was more than enough for me to get a mouthful of street food and get the heck outta there. We flew into Koh Samui, which has the most amazing airport I’ve even been to – complete with fishtanks as windows in the toilets – and had a moment of calm before the storm on the local pier,

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Previous Trips: Scotland – the home of magic

13 May


I’ve done a bit of travelling in my short 25 years and found, upon reflection from my current position in life – that being my dead boring retail job – that you never feel as alive as the first moment those wheels lift from the ground, the plane bottoms out and you lose your stomach for a split second. That moment you say goodbye and wish you could be gone forever. Of course the glamour fades and when you get to the other end you have that, I’ve just been hit by a bus look smeared across your face. Sure you are easily agitated waiting for your bags for what seems like forever and you know things will be better after you brush your teeth and have had maybe 12 extra hours sleep, but you made it.

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