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Bon Voyage

11 Jun


Saying goodbye is always bittersweet. I’ve had to say goodbye many times in my life, and it never gets easier. At least this time I know that I will see the people I care about again. Both Josh and I have been really nervous about the next phase of our life, and I have had butterflies in my stomach for the last few days. There are so many what if situations, and it has been too easy to dwell on them as we’ve just been waiting endlessly for this day to arrive. But now it’s our turn, it’s our time and we have to pursue that feeling of wanderlust and go and really start living. We just have to trust that everything will work and come together, that good things will find us and follow us and that if all else fails, we can always come home. We have so many people who care about us and we just wanted to say a huge thankyou – from feeding us, running us around, putting a roof over our heads for free (or really cheap) and letting us loan and borrow so many things – we couldn’t have done this without your support and encouragement.

Excuse us while we go and start living xx

How to Pack For Long Term Travel – Men’s Version

6 Jun


I have been told I have a problem with buying too much clothing. As we were packing up our house I decided to go through my wardrobe and give away the clothes I didn’t need or didn’t wear any more. This turned out to be allot more than I thought I had.

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How we pack for long term travel – girls version

4 Jun


Packing was never going to be an easy thing for me. It’s not like I’m materialistic and need all options available, but more so I like to be prepared and practical – ready for every type of weather. It’s also quite difficult to pack in winter for an endless summer, with a few weeks of potential snow here and there.

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DIY gadget backpack

23 May


As a bit of a gadget freak I could not leave for the biggest adventure of my life without packing a few toys to play with along the way. I wanted to be able to document everything we do and with Kirsty being so design savy I needed something to bring to the table. As I looked around for bag options the first thing I had to figure out was what tech was I going to take.

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Jabs – The Pain Worth the Protection

9 May


One of the downsides to long term travel has to be the health risks involved and as such, a visit to a travel doctor before any trip is always a good idea. Admittedly it’s quite off putting when the nurse tells you how jealous she is of your trip whilst pumping you full of chemicals, as though she may be exacting her revenge, but in retrospect, the pain is worth the protection.

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There will always be more stuff

7 May


When we first started talking about the trip, we spent many hours discussing what we wanted to keep and what we would sell. You see it wasn’t as simple as just packing things into boxes and opening them at the other end of moving and re-positioning all the stuff. We categorised everything, asked our parents what items of ours they would like to have/keep safe, and which they would be willing to take. Read more…

So this is the Plan!

1 May

Josh and Kirsty

We are Josh and Kirsty – we have a serious case of wanderlust and whilst chasing our dream, we hope to write about it here on our blog, so if you haven’t yet, you really should read the about page (or you can click here) so you can find out the real story behind this blog and our motives. If you can’t be bothered reading it, here is a little summary we prepared earlier:

We are a young Australian couple who are packing up our lives, selling lots of our stuff (which is proving to be much harder than we anticipated) and trading it all for a pair of backpacks and the open road. We have both travelled and can’t wait to see all the world has to offer, and we strongly believe that the good life doesn’t just come to you but that you must seek it out with intention.

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