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NYC – An unexpected culture shock

7 Oct


New York was a culture shock for us. In fact more so than our current location of Mexico. Maybe it was the stares we got as we entered a few dinners where we were the minority (really unexpected), or the looks we got when we didn’t get off the train at the first few stops in Brooklyn, but stayed on until Broadway Junction, maybe it was the sheer number of people and the size of it all (including the size of some people – wow!!!), maybe it was the shock we got from the lack of care from the police in this story we shared, maybe it was the stark contrast of friendliness from the people we met, or how those same people would tell us how awful and doomed their country was. Probably all of that. Read more…

NYC – A city worth exploring

3 Oct


The next few days were a blur of buildings, sights, museums and of course, food. America has a food problem, and honestly it’s not hard to see why. From the cost of groceries verses take out, to the apps that allow you to order anything from anywhere at anytime and lets not forget the options and hours of which stores and shops are open. I mean all I wanted on arrival was some fruit, and all I could find was fried chicken (that was one thing I was not going to eat). Needless to say, it wouldn’t be a trip to the U.S.A if we didn’t indulge a little.

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NYC – Concrete Jungle

30 Sep


We landed pretty late at night, and considering it was 6pm local time and 2am according to our body clock, by the time we crawled into bed at 10pm we were thoroughly exhausted. It felt a shame be in bed listening to the parties people were having in Brooklyn, but that all faded the instant our heads hit the pillow, and thankfully we woke up at a decent hour and decided breakfast was much needed.

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NYC – The American Museum of Natural History

26 Sep

When I was a small child my mother would sometimes take my sister and I to the local museum, and to this day it is one of my favourite memories. I don’t remember much of it, but my favourite part (and this may sound a little morbid) was the room full of stuffed animals. I don’t know what it was, but something about seeing a creature up close like that just amazed my child-like sense of wonder and I loved seeing the lions, ostriches, hippos and rhinos so close, so big and so powerful, like they could come alive at any given moment.

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