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Mexico con Familia

27 Jan


There is something about sharing your travel life with those close to you, that creates precious memories. All those adventures we had had previously, we could now share with my family. The simple things like visiting the grocery store, swimming in the crystal clear ocean and many of the quirks of Mexico and we were able to make new memories. Visiting ruins, cenotes and snorkelling at Akumal (which by the way, I highly recommend for free snorkelling and finding sea turtles). Read more…

Cenotes in Quintana Roo

23 Jan


Cenote is a Spanish word, meaning sinkhole – often a result of collapsed limestone which then exposes water underneath. They can be open air, in a cave or a hole in the ground and they are connected to ancient Maya traditions and rituals. As such, it has been said that they are connected with the ocean and much of the life of the peninsula, as many of them have small and large fish (found in the bigger cenotes). Read more…

7 Months and a bit

20 Jan


This past month has hands down, been the most exciting for us: Read more…

Crossing the Border – Mexico to Guatemala overland

21 Nov


We decided to write this post for a few reasons.

1. We couldn’t find any current advice online ANYWHERE

2. Most of the time even the Mexican locals (I’m talking the banks where it is recommended you pay) don’t know the protocol

3. We would have found a post like this very valuable

We’re talking about crossing the borders of Mexico. Read more…

Tuxtla Zoo

14 Nov


We’d heard raving reviews from people passing through our accommodation in San Cristobal about Tuxtla Zoo, and so on our second last day in San Cristobal we made the trip out there. Tuxtla is a big and ugly city about an hour or so away from San Cristobal, but it’s Zoo is something else.

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5 Months On the Road

11 Nov


Happy anniversary to us! We’ve been on the road for 5 months now, and we are continually pinching ourselves that we are some how still here, still travelling and still alive. Here are a few things we’ve done/learnt in the last month.

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El Chiflón

7 Nov


Finally after days on end of sniffing and coughing we felt better enough to tackle a hike and were ready for some fresh air and nature. Our friend Don took us out to the most magnificent waterfalls El Chiflon, an interesting 2 and a bit hour ride in a packed collective complete with chickens in a bag clucking the whole way. The place is remote, but very well taken care of with a clear path the goes all the way up the side of a river to half way up the roaring falls. We had been warned that it was smart to take a spare pair of clothes, but of course we all doubted this.

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Moxviquil Orchid Reserve

4 Nov


Between battling the strange fluctuating weather of San Cristobal (winter is coming), intense days on end of practising Spanish up to 6 hours a day and constant work for me, sickness was bound to happen, and for the first time ever, Josh got sick as well. So please excuse us if our posts this week are a little less inspiring.

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Museo de Trajes Regionales

31 Oct


Once again, on recommendation from our host, we visited perhaps the most sobering and thought provoking museum we’ve ever been to. The Museo de Trajes Regionales is a museum run by Don Sergio Castro and exhibits rare and stunning traditional costumes, textiles, instruments, tools, religious artefacts and every day traditional clothing from the numerous tribes of the Chiapanecan indigenous peoples.

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San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico

28 Oct


It took us a total of two days to fall in love, do the sums and find a way to stay and learn spanish is San Cristóbal de las Casas. It really was love at first sight. We arrived after a bus ride from hell, which involved two delays due to protesting zapatistas and their nail laden planks strewn across the road, and one 6 hour delay thanks to protesting teachers in a town with two stores, no cash on us and a genuine fear of another overnight bus deal sans food. As promised, and despite our inability to contact her, our sweet host was waiting for us, ushered us to our new abode, gave us a taste of her incredible cooking and a promise of many hearty breakfasts to come and the sweet relief of the first comfortable bed we’ve been in since arriving in Mexico was probably the icing on the cake. We had planned to stay just a week, but after our first breakfast we were sold, and so San Cristóbal is officially our longest stay in one place since we started travelling.

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