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Como + Bellagio

31 Jul


Our first “day out” in Lake Como began with a lengthy discussion on trying to work out ferry times, coming to a conclusion, hiking down to the ferry, only to have the timetable properly explained and to be informed that we had missed the ferry and probably had to wait another few hours before the next. Seems Saturday is the day of rest around these parts, not Sunday. Read more…

Mapping it out – Trekking around Ireland

27 Jun


Thought we’d draw up a little map of our trip throughout Ireland (yep here comes the graphic designer in me). We popped on our favourite spots, but you should get in contact if you’d like advice about campsites; here to stay and where to avoid.


Ireland – Doolin to Belfast and beyond

25 Jun


Our adventure continued, and from Doolin we continued north through Galway (said Gulway), and following more backroads, we stopped for a bit of soup on the side of the road, Gypsy style (including the many stares). We stumbled across Claregalway Abbey just over the fence nearby, which is one of the many reasons we love Ireland. The area is still a functioning grave yard and the centre holds on old 16th century friary complete with a 24 meter in tact bell tower. Mostly a home for birds, the building is full of tombs, dilapidated and cracked headstones and wings that clearly used to be grandiose places of reverence. There are parts of the building, that despite being broken and missing, tell a story of what used to be, and discussing what once was soon became our favourite pass time in these sorts of places.

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Ireland – Dublin to Doolin

20 Jun


St Mary’s Church

We hadn’t planned on visiting Ireland when we first booked our tickets to the U.K. In fact we had planned to go to Morocco instead and I still don’t know whose idea it was, but I’m glad we made the decision and booked the flight. Josh did some research and we decided a campervan was the only way to do Ireland. After a 3:30am start from London, we landed in Dublin at 8 in the morning. We stood in the customs line and as we got to passport check we handed over our details and explained that “We just flew in from London”. The guy behind the counter said “Well your arms must be tired then”, and we just blinked for a moment, absorbing his broad accent and what he had just said. In a part of the country where things are intended to be serious, we pretty quickly cottoned on to the incredible nature of the people and culture of Ireland.

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