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Tikal Ruinas

13 Jan


We decided on the 3:30am sunrise tour to these ruins, despite the many  reviews we’d read from people complaining they didn’t get to see the actual sun rise on such tours, and I think knowing this helped us enjoy it far more. We went for the lack of crowds, the eery howler monkey calls as the sun rose through the mist and plentiful birds, and the early morning was well worth it. Read more…


16 Dec


We couldn’t be more devastated about our time in Antigua – the ultra popular destination for tourists and expats was to us a place of recovery from sickness. Kirsty came down with parasites from goodness knows what and we were there one night before we went in search of a doctor to help us figure out why Kirsty had extreme fever and pain. After searching for doctors that speak English in Antigua and we got an address of a local by the name of Oscar… Read more…

The Chi Chi market

9 Dec


Every Tuesday and Sunday the town of Chichicastenango fills with locals from the highlands who come to sell their wares, from hand made fabrics, vintage huipills and super touristy souvineers. We took a bus from Panajachel to Chichicastenango and joined the masses of people that had descended on the town for their shopping fix. Josh loves to bargain with people and he was on a mission to get us a good deal on something… anything… and so with his broken Spanish and a few hand signals he managed to get a few stall holders to drop their prices by half. Read more…

Hiupil Market

5 Dec


Every Tuesday and Thursday the local fire station in Panajachel is taken over by locals who sell second hand hiupil’s and gorgeous hand made fabrics. As you walk in its hard to see what is available but once you take your shoes off and start climbing over piles of fabrics the fun really begins. Read more…

Panajachel Nature Reserve

2 Dec


We had read about a nature reserve just outside of Panajachel with suspension bridges, wild animals and gorgeous views of the lake and it’s three striking volcanoes and thought a visit to stretch our legs was just what we’d need.

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Lake Atitlan

28 Nov


People say Lake Atitlan is Guatemala’s answer to Lake Como in Italy, sans George Clooney of course. Of course both lakes are stunning, both with looming mountains surrounding a mass of water, both with little boats putting around transporting tourists and locals, both promising idyllic lifestyles, but what is the difference? We like to think that George Clooney settled at the wrong lake!

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25 Nov


Panajachel was the exact refreshing change we needed after a month of bazar on again, off again weather patterns, and while we love San Cristobal, it was time for a change. After a hellish bus ride, a smoother than expected border crossing and arriving in the dark, we were met by our fabulous Aussie host, who promptly took us out for Friday night drinks.

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Crossing the Border – Mexico to Guatemala overland

21 Nov


We decided to write this post for a few reasons.

1. We couldn’t find any current advice online ANYWHERE

2. Most of the time even the Mexican locals (I’m talking the banks where it is recommended you pay) don’t know the protocol

3. We would have found a post like this very valuable

We’re talking about crossing the borders of Mexico. Read more…