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Confessions about Paris

17 Jul


Can we be frank today? Can we tell you some things about our trip so far that most travellers don’t really talk about? We are a little embarrassed about it, but we made a pledge to be honest so here it goes. We freaked in Paris. Read more…

Our Paris

15 Jul


I found so much satisfaction in finding blog posts about Paris and what people did while they were there before we arrived. I found posts about romantic walks, best cafes to go to thanks to designlovefest’s map, and found great use in OhHappyDays’ blog, written by Jordan Ferney who really lived like a parisian for a whole year. Being obsessed with drawing maps, I just HAD to do one for Paris, if for nothing else than to show you what we did and where we went.

Read more…

Parisian for a week

10 Jul



The plan was to be Parisian for a week. To rent an apartment on the top floor with a view, a set of windows to sit in and watch the day go by, to eat croissants for breakfast each day, complete with the best butter (watch for that advice soon) and to sit in streetside cafes, on the grass under the Eiffel Tower, on a bench park with a carousel in the background and to wander the streets for days on end. Life the Parisian way for a week. Romantic huh? The reality is that most top floor flats are six flights up with winding stair cases (now I know how all the French woman are so thin), the view is almost always more rooftop chimneys, you’ll find it tough to get by without basic French (désolé, je ne sais pas le français. Ça vous dérange parler anglais?), the grass is either damp or full of cigarettes, on that note – EVERYONE smokes, some parks you can’t sit on the grass and it’s pretty dirty and noisy in the city, with garbage trucks trawling the streets what seems like every 2 hours. I guess you could say, despite my two day visit six years ago, it was a shock to the system on the first day. Once you get past that, there is a certain beauty to Paris, and you notice it most when you leave. We did in fact spend our days visiting museums, eating amazing eggs in cafes and warm croissants for breakfast, sitting under the Eiffel Tower, armed with macarons. It was romantic and dreamy, but I think it’s that way because you make it that way, rather than it just being that way (if that makes sense).


Renting an apartment was probably the best decision we made when it came to living in Paris. You have the freedom to come and go as you please, you have a full kitchen at your disposal and you can really make yourself at home. Making trips to the supermarket was an adventure in it’s own right – the milk is not where you expect it to be, and the packaging looks like washing detergent and the only way to differentiate between products is to look at the pictures on the packaging. Cooking meals at home was not only a great money saver but really made us feel like we were at home – such a good feeling when you are constantly moving. The local bakery wafted up each morning and the locals went nosily about their business each second of the day. Staying in the suburb of Bastille was great – full of high rise apartments and the streets are littered with cafes and bakeries filled with Parisians. Not a hotel in sight, but still close enough to walk almost everywhere. Rent an apartment in Paris and spend time just living and enjoying it – you won’t regret it.

Best Macarons in Paris

9 Jul


We knew that Paris is famous for it’s macarons and thought it best to test them out for ourselves. After a bit of research, we found that Ladurée was the best to try out. We headed to their store on Rue Royale near jardin des Tuileries, chose six flavours; salted caramel, raspberry, strawberry mint, chocolate coconut, vanilla and strawberry candy, and headed to the Eiffel Tower.


I could hardly breath, the vanilla and salted caramel where THAT GOOD! Joshs eyes nearly popped out of his head over the strawberry candy.


The chocolate coconut was super tasty, complete with marshmallow centre. I tried to get him to like it, but well… his face says it all.