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Summer Adventures

10 Nov


As the snow makes it’s first appearance here, and summer is but a distant memory, we found ourselves looking back over our photos from our summer adventures.  From quick weekend getaways and day trips, to our week long adventure through British Columbia with Aussie friends, we’ve covered plenty of ground these past few months. We bought a car earlier this year, which has hands down been the best purchase we’ve made, as it’s given us our freedom to explore the country. Read more…

And so here we find ourselves

12 Mar


In a routine again. Wake up, go to the gym, follow the crowds as we are shifted like cattle on public transport, work for too long, yawn  a few times, make sure to eat a healthy lunch, catch the cattle shuttle home and blort in front of the T.V for the evening, too tired to do much else, finally go to bed too late and repeat.

The nice part about all of this is we know there is a goal, an end in sight. We’re experiencing new weather patterns and lessons have been learnt – weather considerations are now made before leaving the house. A time difference has been established and spring is on it’s way. You can sense it not only in the weather, but in the restlessness of the people. Winter isn’t coming anymore, winter is on it’s way out. People talk about the weather too much. They say plus such and such degrees and never say it’s minus 10. It’s just 10 out. We have more sunlight hours, and don’t always arrive home in the dark. We’re settled – I’m getting creative, Josh is happy to be in one place for a while. While huge adventures are not being had, huge adventures are planned, and mini adventures are taken everyday. Adventures into painting and knitting, making new friends and meeting new people, finding new things that don’t exist back home at the supermarket and having regular friend dates. Visiting Denny’s for breakfast a little too often, reading bus schedules wrong, learning about the effects of melt and re-freeze, getting blisters on hands from too much shovelling, realising how great it is to be warm and the bizarre gratitude you can feel for the basic human necessity that is warmth. How wonderful it is to be settled for a while and how blessed we are to be experiencing something different, new and a world away from what we know.

While things aren’t exciting enough to report, we may slow posts down. Never fear though – the adventure is far from over and a new one is just a few months away. Because Summer is coming…

Ice Magic

19 Feb


Once things had settled down, and the family had gone home, we ventured out to Lake Louise for the annual Ice Magic festival with the Canadian family. Professional ice carving teams from around the world gathered and using chainsaws, and a myriad of amazing tools, carved huge ornate ice sculptures from 15 blocks of ice, taken straight from the lake. Lucky for us, we arrived on this icy morning, just before the crowds and at 1 hour to judging, allowing use to see the final touches being placed on each piece. Read more…

Family Photos + 8 Months

12 Feb


Do you have that awful family photo from your awkward teen stage in life, and you wish your mum would take it down from the wall and maybe burn it? Well we have one that’s even worse. It was taken when visiting South Africa, with my mums parents, us having come all the way from Australia and my mums sister and her family having come all the way from Canada (with a new baby and toddler in tow – impressive)! The Canadians are stark white, the Aussies are red (a little careless with the sunscreen application) and the South Africans are nicely tanned. My sister and I have that awkward teen look, my dad still has a moustache and my aunt has that “everybody smile quick before the someone cries” look plastered on her face, baby in one arm, restless toddler in the other. Oh and did I mention we are all wearing too much denim?


Well a reunion that was around 13 years later called for a new photo. We headed out to the path behind my aunt and uncle house and got a little cheesy. What’s travelling half way around the world to hang out if you don’t have some great photos to remember it? Mum, I hope you’re replacing that photo – I think these are much better.


(oh and how hilarious is this photo? I have no idea what my cousin is doing in the background and apparently Josh doesn’t either…)


Ice-Skating, Tobogganing + Other Cold Weather Things

5 Feb


Canada is stunning, there is no doubt, but there is definitely a down side to all that white and it’s called “the cold”. It’s house-bound, bounce off the walls stir crazy inducing cold. Read more…

Canada – here to stay

30 Jan


You know those moments when things fall into place, and then it keeps happening and you guess pretty quickly that the stars are aligning and these moments are combining to make a path that you are supposed to take? Well that’s what happened with our plans for Canada. Read more…

7 Months and a bit

20 Jan


This past month has hands down, been the most exciting for us: Read more…