Josh and Kirsty

We are Josh and Kirsty, a young Australian couple who met in highschool, got married and arrived at a fork in the road – we either settle down, buy a house and pop out those babies, or we set sail to the wind, sell all our belongings and travel for as long and as far as our money would take us. Wanderlust was stronger than that ticking biological clock, and so we set off on our biggest adventure.

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You know those people – the ones that say they are going to New York soon, starting a business one day or quitting their job tomorrow. The ones that “talk the talk” but never walk it out. Well we just couldn’t bear to be those people. We believe that life doesn’t just come to you, but that you must seek it out, and so whilst walking the talk, we planned to prove our theory that life begins when you choose to enjoy each moment and live with intention.

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We are interested in the meaning of, the story behind and the small details. We like out of the city, out of the way, the fresh air, a clear head, the magic of seeing a wild animal in its natural habitat and getting lost in the moment of it all. We are passionate about new learning experiences and believe that the world has so much to offer. We are interested in peoples’ stories, and actively seek out new opportunities to help where we can. Above all, we believe that life wasn’t meant to go by the book.


Josh: I’ve got a million new ideas daily and a child-like amazement at all things new, and my passion for travel began with my favourite time of year – holidays with the family. After school I moved to the big city of Melbourne and was soon stuck in job after job, never really satisfied and not knowing why. I first flew overseas chasing the girl of my dreams to Canada, but coming home with a wife-to-be wasn’t all I got. I got the bug – the travel bug. Our adventures begin with a eye-opening trip to Thailand and I soon realised I couldn’t be stuck in a job for the rest of my life without living first. I’d organise road trips, turning any time off into an adventure, but it just wasn’t enough. For years we’d talked about this trip, and it finally becoming a reality will be the most life-changing moment. I love the open road, quality time and skateboarding all with a Go Pro strapped to myself in some obscure way. I dislike crowds, big cities and I constantly talk about my dream of “living off the grid”, much to Kirsty’s eye-rolling.

Kirsty:  You wouldn’t know it looking at me (let alone hearing me speak) but I am an immigrant. I will forever be thankful to my parents for moving our family from South Africa to Australia in the early 90’s, as most of the things I have achieved in my life would have not occurred had it not been for the brave move they made. Having the world shown to me at a young age, I’d seen so many places, and had many experience most kids in my primary school would never know of. Sending me off at age 18, my parents once again played an instrumental role in my addiction to travel and I had travelled to over 20 countries before my 20th birthday. This trip had always been part of the story, and taking 7 years to make it happen makes it so much sweeter. I adore animals (probably the reason I’ll need a rabies shot), making things look better for people using my Wacom and MacBook Pro and will always strive to make the online world a more user friendly place. I too dislike big cities and crowds and tend to get cranky when I’m hungry. I also have a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) which I’m sure will become apparent.

After 2.5 years living and working overseas, these are our stories of wanderlust, travel and life after such an adventure.